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These are articles from Beverage Media magazine:

More Shipping, More Problems
Beverage Media magazine Aug 2012
Complications from Interstate Wine Sales are Now Coming into Focus. Out-of-state sales to New York wine drinkers pose a tremendous threat to package stores in New York, and the problem will likely exacerbate.

Limits of Corporate Liability
Beverage Media magazine July 2012
Accountability for Taxes and Conduct is Still Personal. The shield offered by a corporation or LLC will not protect a person from his or her own wrongful conduct.

SLA's LAMP Map Debuts
Beverage Media magazine April 2012
New Online Program is a Powerful Research Tool for Licensees. If you already have a license, you can enter your own address and track pending applications which may affect your business.

When Does a Good Become a Gift?
Beverage Media magazine Mar 2012
Extra Caution is in Order When Cooperating with Suppliers on Store Promotions and Placements.

What's New for 2012
Beverage Media magazine Feb 2012
Changes to ABC Law & SLA May Affect Your Business. A summary of the changes to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law passed by the New York Legislature in the year 2011.

Beware Changing Your M.O.
Beverage Media magazine Jan 2012
Regarding the "Method of Operation" section of the instructions to the on premise license application.Law Requires Permission, Not Just Notice.

The Nitty Gritty of Listings
Beverage Media magazine Dec 2011
Both Wholesale and Retail Schedules Need to be Filed to Sell Brands Legally in New York State.

State Liquor Authority Considers Revisions to the Statute
Beverage Media magazine Nov 2011
Proposed Changes Mostly Involve Licensing.

Labor Relations and Licensees
Beverage Media magazine Oct 2011
What Licensees Need to Know about Employees' Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act.

Better Safe Than Sorry
Beverage Media magazine Sept 2011
Dangers Lie in Assuming Legality of Common Practices.

Direct Shipping Primer
Beverage Media magazine Aug 2011
In this, the age of the Internet, New York licensees often ask if it is legal to sell to consumers outside the state of New York. This article addresses issues related to the shipment of wine.

The Truth About WIGS (wine in grocery stores)
Beverage Media magazine July 2011
In order to understand the consequences of WIGS, it is important to understand the history which created the current package store system.

FDA to Hear Comments on Calorie Labeling
Beverage Media magazine May 2011
Current State and Local Rulings Could be Impacted.

Lessons Learned - NYSLA Proceedings Can be Eye-Opening Experiences for All Licensees
Beverage Media magazine April 2011
Some cases reviewed here.

Industry Update
Beverage Media magazine Mar 2011
Latest updates on license renewals, keg registration law expiration, beer with food deliveries and BYOB.

Attention Restaurateurs And Hoteliers
Beverage Media magazine Feb 2011
New York Department Of Labor's Final Hospitality And Wage Order which went into effect January 1st 2011. year.

Defending Your License
Beverage Media magazine Jan 2011
You have just received a letter from the New York Liquor Authority informing you that charges have been brought against you. After the initial panic, what should you do?

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