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Danow, McMullan & Panoff, P.C. has provided quality legal services for more than thirty years. Our firm evolved into a "boutique firm" specializing in guiding clients through the increasingly complex world of commerce and finance. We have developed a unique, "Advisory Team" approach to the practice of law. Rather than merely hiring a lawyer, each of our clients retains an entire team of attorneys with a wide range of experience and expertise. This team approach is designed to maximize the benefits a client will receive from any commercial venture, while minimizing associated risks.

The effectiveness of any team depends upon the quality and range of experience of its members. Danow, McMullan & Panoff, P.C. is so well respected, that a large part of its practice is devoted to advising attorneys, accountants, and other professionals. The core of this Team is the firm's founders, Keven Danow, William R. McMullan and Arthur J. Panoff.

Danow, McMullan & Panoff, P.C.'s clientele is as diversified as the Team's experience. Its clients include importers and wholesalers of clothing and footwear, transportation companies, alcoholic beverage importers, distributors, and retailers, real estate developers, owners and operators, advertising agencies, and manufacturers and individual entrepreneurs.
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